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Hello, Personal loans Simple formalities, for all purposes Beneficiaries Employees and civil servants with a seniority of 3 months or expatriate living in France OR Belgium OR wherever you are. Purpose of the loan All uses: - Improvement of the living environment - Realization of projects: car, furniture, travel, etc ... No proof required to support anyone in difficult situation, This pluralistic and international vision of investment has led me to a new type of investment which is the LOAN. Indeed, I offer my services to honest individuals who are in need of financial support to either create lucrative activities or to ensure a better tomorrow with a rate of interest estimates 3% I want you say that I am willing to grant you a loan between 15000 € and more than 1500. 000 €. So make loans while turning this capital, will also help me to increase my dividends. In short, it's a bit of a proof of the many loans I make. I do not want to violate the law on usury. I lend to any honest and serious person who can of course repay me within a reasonable time. Finally for more understanding please join me at:

TEL : +33